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Hassoun, Duha
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During the course of the research, I studied women's centers in all the necessary aspects, after defining them and clarifying the necessary steps to plan and implement the women's center. I studied the situation of Palestinian women and considered them an important part of Palestinian society. The great role played by women during the difficult circumstances in the lives of the Palestinian people cannot be denied. Hence, it was necessary to find a center that meets the needs of women and at the same time is consistent with the customs and traditions of society and religious principles as the most important determinants of accepting anything new in the life of society. The idea emerged from the problems facing women in women's centers and the aim was to find solutions to them. Therefore, I designed this project Compatible with the needs of women. Activities included such activities as handicraft activities that support and develop women's talents such as embroidery, straw making, glass and ceramics, pottery, And sports activities such as swimming, volleyball and fitness. There were also recreational activities such as cafeteria and restaurant. I also did not neglect the cultural side. I provided the center with a library and a multipurpose hall. In addition to all I added lecture rooms to give awareness lectures and to teach handicrafts theoretically . In order for mothers to take advantage of all these activities, I provided the center with a nursery and outdoor games for children to take care of the children while the mother spends her time and do her activities at the center freely. As a social woman by nature, I have gathered all these activities around a large central court where outdoor sports activities and social activities like strolling, sitting and acquaintance, and this court will be the heart of the project and the center of horizontal and vertical circulation. To make the center more private, I wrapped the center with a huge wooden canopy inspired by the traditional Mashrabiya concept, because Mashrabiya was used mainly to preserve privacy in traditional houses. At the same time, it does not prevent ventilation and allows the sun light to pass through it.