Design of a large PV grid connected-pumping system: A grid and environment impact studie

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Majadleh, Bahaa
Atira, Mohammed
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In this project we will design a PV system to install in a 0.25- acre farm near the city of Nablus, so we have three possible systems to do so: 1- On grid system. 2- Off grid system. 3- Off and on grid system. The aim of the first graduation project is to analysis the first option (on grid system), and to study it from an economical point of view to determine its feasibility. The software packages PVSYS and RETSCREEN will be used for determining the components of the PV systems and the output power of each estimation. The system design will include the power of the PV generator, the ratings of the inverter and its number, the wiring of the system and the protection features. We will discuss in details, the amount of PV’s required and how to orient them to give us the maximum power, number of inverters needed, number and sizing of cables, find the cost of the first analysis and how feasible it is on the land. Then we will design a 199.24kW for true-south and 266.9kw and 69.36 KW south oriented off grid system for the horizontal PV system to cover the load that the farm needs to operate during peak months. Moreover, a techno economical study will be done for this system including environmental impact assessment.