Alone With A Stranger

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Abu Hamra, Safwan
Salhi, Mohammad
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In a world so advanced and filled with technology and the absence of man self dependency , one must remember the essential key to survive ; use of resources and cooperation between “ minds “ to ensure everyone lives . The project is a first-person science fiction video game which takes place in an alternative timeline. In which the player character sets in a ship , far away from shore , in-short of supplies , communication with the world , and suffers Amnesia . The player’s character have the objective of making a connection with a beacon before running out of supplies. The only way of achieving that is through communicating with an AI through typing into a keyboard . The player must collect clues , find a way to get the coordinates of the ship and to stay alive through the events and this status of loneliness and fear . Also to understand the original story on why he/she is here . The AI is capable of typing back to the player ( thus answering questions ) , do some objectives like opening a door or accessing previous logs on ship and at the end making the connection with the beacon . To develop this project, first we need to have a backstory in which we build the environment that the game sets in according to , and that includes the objects that the player may interact with . Also we need the backstory for the information that the AI might tell the player . Then we need to build the AI chatbot and attach its model to the game . Finally there will be testing to see if the game can be finished through the scenario we suggested . Otherwise, we will have to alter it