Prevalence of Pre-hypertension and hypertension among Adolescents at age (16-18) in some governmental secondary Schools in Nablus City

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Enas Rawajbeh
Rahma Haj Ahmad
Wafa Qaysi
Hadi Swan
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Abstract : Aim: the aim of the study is to investigate the prevalence of pre hypertension and hypertension among adolescents at age (16-18) y/o in some governmental schools in Nablus city. Background: hypertension screening have many challenges , especially in adolescents because most of people believe that its rarely having and developed , soit's important to do early detection, evaluation of blood pressure in adolescentsbecauseincrease prevalence of hypertension worldwide. Method: A quantitative design, cross-sectional, based on questionnaires. The study involves a representative sample of adolescents aging (16-18) y/o in some of secondary governmental schools in Nablus. Setting of the study: The study was conducted in somegovernmental schools in the southern of Nablus Governorate. Result: There is a correlation between BMI, waist circumference and gender, and the occurrence of pre hypertension and hypertension. The study revealed as well the prevalence of hypertension among males, 17 years old students, very high waist circumference and overweight students. Pre hypertension is prevalent among females, 16 years old students, high waist circumference, and obese students. Conclusion: There is a lot of risk factors that is associated with the prevalence of pre hypertension and hypertension at schools, therefore privative measures should be under took to protect our children from the silent killer.