The Electric Power Transmission Lines Technician Robot

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Ezz-Aldeen Hasan
Nuwar Kurdi
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Mechatronics engineering combines the principles of mechanical, electrical, electronic, and computer engineering to provide solutions to problems involving the life and safety of human beings. This project aims to solve the problems and hazards of connecting residential utilities with the main electric-power-transmission-lines. The Electric-Power-Transmission-Lines Technician Robot is a mechanism that helps and supports the power transmission line technical department. This robot is designed to climb a utility pole to reach the required point and perform the required technician work under the supervision of a specialized technician or engineer. The structure of the Electric-Power-Transmission-Lines Technician Robot consists of a climbing mechanism, three arms to provide the required technician tools, and a camera for monitoring the process. The robot chassis consists of six wheels mounted on an aluminum frame that takes a hexagonal shape, with three motors for driving purpose, and spring arrangement is provided for gripping the pole. The Electric-Power-Transmission-Lines Technician Robot is connected to a mobile phone application via an Arduino Bluetooth chip, to allow the user to control the robot’s movement and perform the required task, and at the same time monitor the whole process through the camera and LCD screen. The Electric-Power-Transmission-Lines Technician Robot can be controlled through different wireless methods and devices, for further applications, more advanced and effective wireless methods can be used and further improvements can be implemented to its size to allow the robot to climb larger diameter utility poles.