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Manar Anabtawi
Mays Al-Haj Qasem
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Most of the people have no knowledge about their own country or the places they visit. Our project aims to fill this gap by providing real time information about the important places surrounding the user current location. This is important to both tourists and citizens.   In our application, the user logs in using his E-mail or his Facebook account. After login, and based on his current location, the user will be able to see all photos and information about the surrounding places. Moreover, the user can take a photo for any place and add it to his collection with some description. The photo is always stored with the user geographical location. Each photo can be edited and can be posted to the server. Then, these photos are shared with other users arriving to that location. Therefore any user come to that place can have notification about the place and the story or the description of the surrounding important places.  The user can share photo from application to his/her Facebook account.   The application can be used in offline mode for photos and map. For photos, if the user has no internet service, he/she can locally store the photo with its geographical information, which, in case of a service availability, will be uploaded automatically. For offline mode, the application enables the user to download a map of a specific location and cache all the information about the primary places. This enables the user to navigate and get information without the need of an internet connection.  Some of the features provided by our application can be seen in other applications such as Historypin and Instagram. However, our application has far more features and it is better user friendly.  Our application is an Android geographical and image processing application with server and database.