Self-Watering Farm

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Nezar Amer, Yasmeen
Ma’mon Soboh, Mohammad
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Dedication to plant farms had always been a time consuming challenge, and in this project we aim to create a smart self-watering system in order to reduce the human labor required to monitor and water the plants, and at the same time retain all of the human labor’s efficiency. The system will be created by using a bunch of dc motors and sensors interacting with a microcontroller, and will be remotely connected to a database with an online server so the farmers can stay updated all the time and use the system from anywhere they want, data will include the status of the plants such as the room temperature, the air humidity and the soil moisture, and the system will be monitoring the level of the water in the tanks, and water the plants whenever required, which can be done both manually and automatically. The system will also secure the farm entrances and operate various equipment within the farm such as the fans and the lights. The market of today requires fast and huge quantities of productions, and a smart system will be an essential requirement to many farmers in order to compete and provide the best of products