District Heating Network

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Baseem Daghlas
Mohammad Daragmeh
Mahmoud Ghanem
Mahmoud Salem
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The transportation of heat to the consumers involves the use of a distribution system transfer heat from the heat source to the end one, district heating network made up of hot water flow and return pipes, the closed DH system delivering hot water to the consumers and returning water at reduced temperature to the heat source. A mathematical dynamic physical model for simulation of pressure, flow and temperature in DHN is proposed .the network have elements which are pipe sections, consumer and heat sources, the configuration of a DHN structure is described by means of a one dimensional approach, which connects from the heating plant to the end users .Each end user in the network represents a building block. Momentum, energy and continuity equations are used to calculate the unknowns, nodal method used to develop this calculation.   Regarding to the rustles of the calculation and design the temperature out from boiler 123.7, also 120C for one before heat exchanger, pump pressure is 6 bars.