Woman's Image at Civic Education Textbooks in the Palestinian ‎Curriculum from 7th to 9th Grade

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Alia Al-Assali
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This Academic study aimed at investigating woman’s image and how it was dealt with in civic education textbooks for 7th, 8th, and 9th grade in the Palestinian curriculum. the researcher analyzed the syllabus into pictures, concepts, drawings, activities and evaluation to investigate woman’s image in family, work, educational and learning process, political participation, and job images distribution, in order to investigate the range of her representation comparing to man. The research indicates that woman was represented but in a random and unmethodological way in civic education textbooks. Regarding the results the research recommends to pay more interest to the quality in which woman is represented taking her away from traditional stereotype, and to pay more attention to the distribution of job images fairly between both male and female which will reflect to some extend a realistic and practical society.
هدفت الدراسة الى التعرف إلى صورة المرأة وكيفية تناولها في كتب التربية المدنية لصفوف السابع والثامن والتاسع الأساسي في المنهاج الفلسطيني، حيث تم تحليل المحتوى من صور ومفاهيم ورسوم وأنشطة وتقويم للتعرف إلى صورة المرأة في الأسرة، وفي العمل، وفي التربية