Palestinian Public Opinion Polls No. 50

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An-Najah National University/ Opinion Polls and Survey Studies Unit
After the Palestinian Authority (PA) joined the International Criminal ‎Court, Israel has impounded ‎Palestinian tax revenues making the PA ‎unable to pay the full salaries of its employees‏.‏ At the last meeting of the Central Council of the Palestine Liberation ‎Organization, the Council gave ‎a recommendation to the PA to cease ‎security coordination with Israel. The PA also called on ‎Palestinian ‎citizens to boycott Israeli goods‏.‏ In the recent Israeli elections, Netanyahu and his Likud party won the ‎election and he is expected ‎to form the next Israeli government. ‎Netanyahu had announced during his election campaign that ‎he did not ‎support a solution based on the creation of a Palestinian state alongside ‎Israel. On the ‎other hand, the White House announced the necessity of ‎ending the occupation which has been ‎going on for about fifty years‏.‏ The hesitation of donor countries to provide the funds they promised for ‎the reconstruction of the ‎Gaza Strip, led to a lack of progress in the ‎reconstruction process‏.‏ After the agreement between Fatah and Hamas to end the Palestinian ‎division, nothing has been ‎implemented of the agreement other than the ‎formation of a unity government.‎