Operational Analysis Of Omar Eben Alkhattab Street

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Abdel Rhaman Alwadi
Dua'a Snunu
Sanbel Masharqa
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The aim of this research is to analyze and develop the operation of the corridor that connects the Al Kindy School intersection with Al Badawi Intersection through the old campus of An-Najah National University and the corridor's zone. It is one of the most important corridors in Nablus Governorate; since it serves the high number of students to reach An-Najah University and the people who live in the south-western area on the Nablus Governorate. This corridor has several problems since it has traffic difficulties; such as congestion at intersections located at that corridor and delays for traffic operations. The significance of this research is highlighted in solving problems that exist at the mentioned corridor to minimize the travel time and probable accidents, so all users will have the better service from those corridors. To improve the performance of this corridor;  data were  gathered at some intersections that exist  within the corridor. These data were analyzed and suitable remedial actions were applied in order to improve the level of services and to prepare transportation plan for this corridor and propose a future solutions and find the expected effect . The improvement should be through traffic system management more than geometrical solutions because the existing conditions are difficult and the financial resources are very limited. This research has proposed probable solutions for the traffic problems that can be applied currently and others in the future as part of strategic transportation planning to the Nablus Governorate.  
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