Al-Watani Pedestrian Grade-Separation Crossing

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Abdallah Abu Eisheh
Mohammad Zawyani
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Its noticed that there are many problems related to pedestrians movement and traffic and how they affect each other within the study area which extends from Al-Haj Nimer Mosque to Western Public Transport Complex in the Central Business District (CBD) of Nablus which is considered as a vital zone since it is a part of Faisal Street one of the most important streets of the city- that connects the east side with the west one and makes an entrance to the CBD area. Therefore, the project aims basically to minimize these problems at the down town of Nablus City by reducing the delay, improving the pedestrians safety conditions, and increasing the efficiency of traffic control devices. In this project, data were collected by cooperation with the municipality of Nablus and got to know the suggestions they have. Questionnaires were distributed to know peoples opinions regarding some of the already proposed alternatives by the municipality. Traffic studies were conducted including the vehicular and pedestrian traffic volume counts, and crash data among others. This information were analyzed to evaluate the existing conditions of the study area based on the AASHTO, Highway Capacity Manual, using a proper traffic analysis software, etc. Based on analysis, alternative solutions were proposed. One of the issues that were explored is deciding whether it is warranted or not to construct an underpass or an overpass for pedestrians in fron of Al-Watani Hospital so it also serves the surrounding area. There were some floating ideas about this problem and how to solve it, but never turned into a real project. Therefore, this project will be one of a kind that deals with this problem. The results for the project mainly constructing the underpass- contributed toachieve the aimed objectives to improve the mobility and accessibility of pedestrians and vehicles as well as geometric elements for the whole area for a long period of time. Finally, the project recommends the construction of the underpass and the networks modifications that depend on it.
" " " " (CBD) - - CBD. .          .          .          .          .          .          .          ().          . 1.      . Table (1) Traffic volume analysis for Al-Haj Nimer intersection (7:15-9:15 Am)Time Total PHV(Veh./hr) PH PHV PHF 7:15-7:30 606 2548   7:15-8:15 2548 0.86 7:30-7:45 670 2440   7:45-8:00 737 2364   8:00-8:15 535 2154   8:15-8:30 498   2222       8:30-8:45 594         8:45-9:00 527         9:00-9:15 603          Table (2) level of service summary for study area intersectionsIntersection Delay (sec/veh) Level Of Service (LOS) Al-Haj Nimer 62.3 E Omar Al-Mukhtar 108.7 F Al-Watani 30.3 C Al-Kendi 31.2 C Al-Mathane 152.3 F Western Public Transport Complex East-West Approach 31.8 D North-South Approach 16.2 C  2.                    3.       . Table (3) Pedestrians count analysis near Al-Watani Hospital during AM period  Gender   Time Male Female Total PHV(Ped./hr) PH PHF 8:00-8:15 162 106 268 729   8:00-9:00 0.68 8:15-8:30 78 72 150 617   8:30-8:45 103 58 161 597   8:45-9:00 74 76 150 578   9:00-9:15 70 86 156   567   9:15-9:30 59 71 130     9:30-9:45 69 73 142     9:45-10:00 64 75 139    Location X LOS Al-Watani Hospital 5.26 D Police Department 6.2 C Nablus Municipality 4.75 E             .          .          .          .          .