Contemporary Rhetorical Studies between Vagueness and Dullness “Kinaya as a Model”‎

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Khalil Odeh
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The present paper, on the one hand, considers the contemporary rhetorical studies, which almost entirely depend on ancient rhetorical studies, in determining the concept the rhetorical term and the practical models on this term by considering them as indisputable models which should not be exceeded or overlooked, but only in cases explanation, clarification or summarization. This led to the dullness of the rhetorical research and to putting it within repeated models memorized by the researchers and their students as a summary for the rhetorical lesson. On the other hand, the research tackles contemporary rhetorical studies, which try to benefit from new Western ideas in critical and rhetorical studies. They ended up by putting forward rhetorical publications based on incomprehensible theories for those who translated these publications or those who read them they also ended up by putting forward unclear publications in determining the rhetorical terms or comprehending them properly in the contemporary rhetorical studies. The research applies all this on Kinaya as an example of the studies based on the ancient rhetorical heritage or which try to benefit from modern rhetorical studies.