The Effect of Different Seed Treatments on Seed Germination of Gundelia tournefortii Seeds

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Hassan Abu-Qaoud
Rae'd Alkoni
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The effects of different seed treatments on the germination percentage and rate of Gundelia tournefortii seeds were studied. Seeds were collected from Jamaeen area near Nablus city. The normal healthy seeds were separated from small shrinked seed and used in the different trails. Three experiments were conducted in which the effect of presoaking, scarification and stratification on the seed germination was investigated. The higher germination percentage (48%) was obtained when the outer seed coat was removed after the seeds were presoaked in water. This percentage was highly significant than other results obtained with the other treatments. The use of concentrated sulfuric acid for 15 and 30 minutes to tender the seed coat didn't increase the germination percentage of the treated seeds over that of the control Similar effects was also exhibited when the seeds were soaked in hot water for different intervals. Cold stratification at 4-5' didn't significantly increase the germination percentage of the seeds.