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Aya Abu Ali
Yana Besher
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It’s not a secret that we all have been pissed off by the tiring long queues and delays at the salons. Here were come the idea of creating an application where a user can view and book appointments at their nearby locations. Our application includes a number of Palestinian salons in several cities, there are a lot of services in all of the salons, and the client can see all of them and book previously through the application. the client can see the appointments in each salon, The user can use the maps through the application to see the salon located on the map, also he can use the chat to contact the salon's Admin in all of the salons to book and Inquire about services, and it provides the user with offers and discounts from his favorite salon. In order to use these things, the client must sign in with a new account and log in if he has an account. We did basic research about this project and some problems customers face, such as Customers cannot find or may not be aware of nearby salons. The services each salon provides may be different. There is no way to know them. The pricing of each service may vary according to the salon. The customer cannot find or know them before reaching the salon. The customer has to wait in line for their turn, which may lead to a waste of time. Addressing all the problems, solutions were found for them like 7 Based on the location selected, the customer can find the list of salons near them. This solves the issue where the user is unaware of their nearby salons. Each salon lists the service they provide, along with details of the service, This allows users to choose their preferred service. The pricing is also displayed along with each service, which solves the problem. This avoids any unnecessary surprises at the last minute. Booking a slot for the desired salon will solve the problem where customers having to wait in line. Overcrowding can be avoided, and also the customer can save a lot of time. We designed this application to make it as easier for the client as possible, it saves time so do not wait a too long time, and the salons would get a chance to get their salon name known.