Mechanical Systems for The Palestinian Economic Policy Research Institute

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Bahaa Yosef Tawfiq Malhis
Nodar Hisham Theeb Sabbah
Ameer Ghazi Moh. Malhis
Ala Abd-Annaser Thiab
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Abstract: In our project we have done the mechanical systems such as HVAC, potable water, fire fighting and drainage system , for the given building. In HVAC we found that the building has a heating load equals 193.9 Kw and a cooling load equals 272.23 Kw, for the design purpose we have used fan coil units (fcu) system that is connected to chiller (W P S  a  135-2D) and boiler MS-10 with circulation pump (13 Kpa,6.5 l/s). In potable water system the method of (Fixture units) was achieved for pipe sizing. The main pipe for cold water was 2.5 and 2 for hot water. Cold water pump  was  (46 Kpa,3.24l/s), the hot water pump (41.1 Kpa,1.8l/s). In drainage system we have divided the system into two separated systems soil and waste. All soil branches were 4 in , waste branches were selected due to (Fixture units method). In Fire fighting system (Landing Valves and Cabinate), the building has one riser then due to NFPA code flow rate should be 500 GPM, with 3 pumps (electric, diesel, jocky) the electric one with 128.4 psi,  the jocky is 138.4 psi. Fire tank was 80m3 for 40 min.  operating .