Multi-system robot

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Jamil Hamed
Amr Ibrahim
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It is undeniable to any of us that robots have a great part in solving problems that facing humanity, it can carry out varying tasks in dangerous environments for humans to get to, we have chosen this idea as the starting point for our project and so we have decided to design and build a robot to carry out the aforementioned task and even more, we have decided to call it a Multi System Robot.    Multi System Robot is a robot that moves on four wheels equipped with a robotic arm with five degrees of freedom to give it the flexibility and easiness in executing various tasks, the importance of this robot lies in the technology used to control its operation process as we can control it from any place in the world using wireless control technology in other words using the internet. The robot s assured to have video cameras to lively stream whats going around the robot to make the control process easier. The naming of the robot goes to the multi tasks is can do and to the multi systems that exists in the robot which are wireless internet control, manipulator system and video camera system. On the other hand, each of the aforementioned system can be used separately, for example the manipulator is considered a very important element in recent industries, the camera system could be used for security purposes in residential areas, public places and stores, the wireless control system can be used for integrated home automation.