Economic Characteristics of the Population in the Palestinian Territories in the Second Quarter of 2006 Compared with Those in 1997

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Maher Abu Saleh
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This study shows the factual features of the economic structure of the population in the Palestinian Territories. Its significance comes from the fact that this structure is one of the important principles and indicators whose results assist in devising developmental policies in all aspects of the populations’ life. The Social development plans, with all educational, cultural and health sides, etc. can't be implemented without economic development. Therefore, the relationship between them is indispensable. After studying and analyzing different elements embodied in this research, the following results have been the most important: 1) There have been arise in the percentage of unemployment and in the average of the economic activity – both in general and private ones. 2) The highest percentage of manpower in Palestinian Territories for males and females – appeared between ages of 35 to 39 years, that is, 58.3% in both sexes. 3) The majority of laborers of Palestinians working inside the Palestinian Territories make up 91.2% of manpower. 4) There has been arise in some economic activities in 2006, such as those in trade, restaurants, hotels, agriculture and forestry. 5) The average of the daily pay, of Palestinians working in Israel and settlements, has been twice as those working in the Palestinian Territories. Relying on to the above mentioned results, the following recommendations have been put forward: - To work earnestly to accommodate thousands of Palestinians who were working in Israel and its settlements. - To support agriculture, fishing and forestry with all possible means because this support will enhance people's steadfastness and prevent the Israelis from confiscating the land. - Ask the Palestinian researchers to carry out more at analytical and objective studies to determine the Palestinian organizations needs for specialized technical personnel. - To raise the average daily pay in the Palestinian Territories with the aim of discouraging Palestinians to go and work in Israel and its settlements. - It is important to set up feasible studies that contribute to the solution of the problem of unemployment, especially in Gaza Strip where the rate has risen to 34%.