Enterprise Resource Planning for Gatouh Lebanon Using Odoo

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Moghrabi, Rana
Faqeeh, Rafah
Odeh, Alaa
Zatar, Duha
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This project is made within partnership with Gatouh Lebanon company which is one of the largest sweets companies in Nablus, by developing an Enterprise resource planning system (ERP) using odoo application platform. It is a type of software that is used to manage day-to-day business activities in the fields of accounting, sales, points of sale, website, inventory, HR and so on, integrating all these applications together to enable the data flow between them to eliminate data duplication and provide data integrity with a single source of truth. Linking all the points of sale of the company together, providing uniformity of prices and controlling of all transactions with multi level of security for all company transactions. Developing a website with simple design that supports easy and fast navigation and levels of customizability and variants of products Which provides the buyer with a comfortable buying environment that meets his needs and tastes.This project aims to increase the company productivity, efficiency, security, quality and the performance of Gatouh Lebanon