Analyzing and Re-Designing of Foundation System for Asal Building

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مصطفى الاعرج
اسيد ابو عسل
سماح مليطات
سجى ابو طالب
محمد عصيده
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This project is an analysis of the foundation system for residential and office buildings (Asal Building) and the redesign of its foundations in the (Al Basateen) area. The building is located in the Rafidia area behind the Rafidia Tower in the city of Nablus, and it consists of (12) floors and a surface area of 14,423 square meters. The main objective of this project is to redesign the foundations of the building on weak soils and then compare it to the current design. All the loads on the building were calculated, and the soil bearing capacity was known, and then the dimensions of the new bases were calculated and drawn on the AutoCAD program. And since it was found that the building bases have a great overlap and the appropriate type of bases Raft or Combined foundation and will design retaining wall and shear wall .