Virtual Chemistry Lab

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Jaber, Saja
Mahmoud, Horia Mahmoud
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Our project is a web application to help the students applying chemistry experiments online with teachers, This is because there are several circumstances that prevent them from applying experiments in laboratories, such as the spread of the Coronavirus, as many educational sectors have been disrupted and resorting to e-learning. The main aspect of our website is to make the students able to contact their teachers and colleagues during the experiment's sessions, and to do the experiment Within specific restrictions regarding the number of consumed resources, then to give the students a quiz that their teacher has prepared. We aim to develop our project by linking it to large educational institutions such as universities and schools and developing content to include other laboratories such as the electronics lab. We searched for the needs of the educational community and found that there is no application that provides these features, there are applications that are somewhat similar, but they are closer to the entertainment level and miss communication between members . This site is a good simulation site for a real chemical laboratory that helps people to apply chemical experiments virtually so that they feel like they are in a real laboratory where the tools are available and they are used easily and the results are very close to reality. This site is an additional source of chemistry learning for them.