Safe Medication

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Yaqeen Salatneh
Lara Sabbah
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 ABSTRACT Over the counter medicines are considered the most popular by people, and could be bought without consulting physician. At the same time it could be active and relief when it is taken with a limited dose, these sorts of medicine might be extremely dangerous if there is any mistake with the recommended dosage. For example a high or low dose of medicine is more likely to cause side effects. Since smart phones spread globally and for reason was mentioned above, there is a need for mobile application that provides some services to the users especially patients.       Safe Medication   works as Client /Server application. The user can  take a photo of the DIN number of the medicine by camera phone , the system make analytical image processing and extract the number from it, then  the server which contained a database of all information about medicines,  it retrieve the dose. In addition, if taking a photo was not possible  Patients can also  retrieve this information by entering medicine name  . Safe Medication has many features that users can easily deal with. These features will include get all information  about medicine and also using GPS technologies users can  see  nearby pharmacies that have this medication. Our application will provide Translator,  Alarm, To Do List, weight, ZXING library which takes a photo, extracts the Din number from it. Other features the application  will provide  are dependent  on users current location  Safe Medication gives user some tips and advices for more healthy life   Our project as a whole is a collection of the features listed above. Each feature provides the necessary service needed by the users. We implemented some features from scratch and programmed the necessary code required to use existing services on the net. These services were integrated together to form a complete application. We were able to make a web site and android application with helpful  features and tips.