Autism Center

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ملك عبد الله
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Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), is a condition that occurs due to complex disorders in the brain that affect its function, leading to development disabilities while growing up. There are 3 levels of autism categorized based on the severity of their symptoms. This project is a therapeutic educational rehabilitation center that gives a sensory experience for autistic individuals that gives them the capability of adapting with their symptoms and proceed their lives and blend in society after the age of 18. Autistic people are neglected in Palestine, most mental health facilities do not provide the individual’s need of an autism friendly design. According to statistics for Nablus city, it is estimated that 103 child from age 0-18 are autistic. Considering the population growth and adding additional seats for individuals from the neighboring cities: the project will welcome 210 autistic individuals, in addition for teachers, parents, volunteers, medical staff and security staff. Set a conceptual platform where individuals with autism and society can interact. This platform will provide a structure that allows autistic users to adapt and live surrounded with both nature and urban community.