“Hybrid Smart Home “

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Hala Shehada
Yana Besher
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Houses typically have separate electrical systems and gadgets for each purpose, each of which must be handled differently and operates independently of the others, so we need a smart home that makes use of a variety of technologies to outfit home components for more intelligent monitoring and remote control as well as to enable them for influential harmonic interaction, so that daily household chores and activities are automated without user intervention or under the user’s remote control in a simpler, more practical, more efficient, safer, and more affordable manner. Smart homes have the potential to increase energy efficiency, comfort, and convenience in the house. Additionally, it offers secure conditions for persons who are elderly or have disabilities. Our smart home technology can be categorized into two main types, wired system and wireless system, The wireless makes the system more scalable and expandable. The features that the system provide: 1. RFID door lock system. 2. It is possible to control the lighting, the heating and cooling system, an umbrella to protect from rain, and closing the gate by using a Bluetooth. 3. Keypad to secure the house from thieves. 4. Warning system with different sounds in cases of fire, theft and gas in the house.it sends SMS messages in these cases and print on the screen. 5. Moisture sensor and irrigation system so your plants stay healthy.