Assessing Palestinian Community Knowledge and Awareness Towards Waste to Energy

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Walaa Abu Omar, Walaa
Braik, Intissar
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Abstract This project discusses the Palestinians local citizens awareness regarding problems of household waste, wrong ways of disposal and its impact on environment and health, and it helps decision makers in better understanding of how to find solutions to benefit from it in the field of energy production. The project took An-Najah National University students as its targeted population. Where representative sample was designed based on 95% level of significance and 5% margin of error. Under these conditions, sample size was 385. Survey was designed based on Likert scale. In which 21 questions were included, targeting the establishment of waste to energy plant environmental and economic citizens awareness, waste disposal methods (current and proposed) knowledge. The World Bank report says that 70% of the waste collected is disposed of 10% in an environmentally correct manner. For Palestine, it produces 1.387 million tons of waste per year. This rate is increasing by 1% per capita, The waste is associated with the physical situation of the countries. We found a very low percentage of awareness of dealing with the subject of waste and the correct methods to get rid of them. The right solutions need an integrated cooperation between all segments of society. The goal of this project is to assess awareness of the local community and finding out the efficient possible ways to increase awareness of waste management and possibility to build a plant to convert waste and produce electric energy from it. The findings of the survey showed that the percentage of lack of awareness in the community is high.