Dead Sea welness & Tourism Resort

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The goal of the project: This project (a tourist hotel project on the shore of the Dead Sea) aims to develop and revitalize the West Bank region in terms of tourism, as this region possesses the ingredients that qualify it for a successful tourism project. The project will fill some of the shortage of tourist support facilities in that area by providing places to sleep, rest and recreation, especially for those who come to that area for treatment in the Dead Sea waters and whose journey is long, which will support the Palestinian economy from various aspects, especially as it will be a hotel Five stars serves all categories. thinking strategy: Project thinking strategy: Working with such a project can be based on two main principles, from the nature of the site on the one hand and the nature of the project on the other hand. Both of them can give an aspect of the general idea of the design, and in this way, the strategy is united in the following: 1- Utilizing the nature of the site in all its aspects so that it fits with the nature of the project 2- The design’s suitability to the Palestinian environment in addition to other advanced aspects so that it meets the required pur