Family Housing in Ya'bad

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عبير عمارنه
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The establishment of the housing project came after studying the demographic situation in Palestine, especially in the city of Jenin, the town of Ya`bad. The Palestinian people are still suffering from the occupation, the continuous confiscation of lands, the establishment of settlements on them, and the deprivation of the people of their lands. Housing projects that take care of all Palestinian groups and take into account their financial conditions. In view of the permanent occupation policies in the Ya`bad area based on the confiscation of large areas, and the restrictions on the residents of Ya‘bad, we considered the necessity of making a housing project for the citizens to provide several options for the residents to stay in their Ya`bad, and to enjoy all the convenient ways for them and enjoy the natural landscapes of our country, and to be keen to establish them in Areas threatened with seizure by the Jews, to strengthen the national resistance and suppress the plan of terror to seize vacant lands. In addition to creating a new experience for citizens by moving away from the crowded areas in the center of the country and heading to higher areas and enjoying the mountain scenery. The beginning of a general study on housing and housing and its meaning, then we moved on to studying how the precise meaning of the terms housing and housing developed and what they express, then we studied the stages of housing development in Palestine from the Stone Age to modern cities, then we moved on to housing patterns in Palestine that Includes horizontal and vertical spread groups. But after that, we touched on the importance of each of housing and housing and the multiple effects resulting from it, then we talked about housing needs according to Maslow's hierarchy, starting from vital needs until self-fulfillment, and we concluded the first chapter with the main elements that make up housing projects. After that two global housing case studies were taken, Urban Hybrid House, Broadway Housing ,In order to benefit from their own design in the construction of the housing project in the town of Ya`bad, which aims to provide an independent and comfortable environment for the residents of all levels, and to invest the land in an appropriate manner in terms of space and attention to the architectural details of the residential units. In the third chapter, work was done to study and analyze the project program, and this came through studying the functional and operational requirements of the project, identifying the project’s primary and secondary elements, and studying the standard dimensions for each of the entrances and corridors, kitchens, dining and sitting rooms, bathrooms, laundry area, and bedrooms , parking lots, and finally roads. Then we reached the area of each element of the project and calculated the final area of the project as a whole, after that we studied the functional relationships of the basic elements of the project, and the functional relationships of the basic elements of the housing units. In the fourth chapter, the site and the piece of land located in Palestine, the city of Jenin, the town of Ya`bad were analyzed, and the nature of the land and the context and contents of the neighboring areas of the specified piece were analyzed, in addition to the site boundaries, legal information, natural characteristics, human factors, movement, climate, services, scenery, and human culture, and attached pictures Especially the piece of land. In conclusion, the final form of the project and general photos of it were added, in addition to the project poster.