Supersonic Taxi

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Hajji, Raghad
Salous, Aya
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In recent years, many of taxis’ office tried to make a program like that for helping the customer to order a taxi in one minute or less. However, the taxis’ office turns this vision to true because they focus on having this application with 3G technology to do conversation easily between the driver and the customer without spending lots of money, as they also forget their focus on the objective of this technology. Actually, we studied and analyzed all the services and every single detail that the application will do, as we will give more extra functions such as users can see all taxis in the map when it is available, moreover after user clicks on taxi in the map it allowed him to get more information about taxi track, taxi drivers and also make an order if he/she want. Another feature on the other side, the drivers could easily know if there is an order through the notification feature. In addition, the user could evaluate the service. By using these features, the users would be helped to be more efficient to choose the best driver depending on rating. To this end, we aim to help people in different ways such as we hope to make them benefit from their time and money instead of losing it by waiting a taxi to come or by spending money on calling. Afterward, we would implement our project by using a cross-platform language called phone gap, so everybody could download it. We have to use also GPS technique for locating with some help from the participants. Finally, we conclude by testing the application in reality with a determined taxi office.