AL-Rehan Hospital

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Muhammad Shalan
Muhammad Jitan
JehaD Odeha
JehaD Zuhd
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The aim of our project is designing the installation of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system ( HVAC ), plumping, drainage,  fire fighting and medical gases systems for Al-Rehan Hospital, which is  being built in Al-Rehan Outskirts / Nablus  city / Palestine.             The entire building needs air conditioning in summer, heating in winter. But, there are many types of systems to provide this purpose, such as Fan coil units with chiller and Boiler, Package unit, VRV and Under Floor Heating. So, in our project we will use Fan coil units with chiller and Boiler.            Air conditioning is a combined process that performs many functions simultaneously. It conditions the air, transport and introduces to the conditioned space. It provides heating and cooling from its central plant or rooftop units. Also controls and maintains the temperature, humidity, air movement, air cleanliness, sound level and pressure differential in a space within predetermined limits for the comfort and the health of the occupants of the conditioned space or for the purpose of the product processing.In addition to the HVAC system, we need water services so plumbing design is required, the availably of water service system inside the building from hot and cold water, these services can be achieved by selecting the right size of piping and fittings. Also medical gases system required to help doctors and Surgeon to make their job as best as possible which they save people life.  Moreover, in our project we will consider the firefighting system to keep buildings safe from fire extinguished in its initial stages. There are many systems like wet system and dry system we will choose proper system for the building.