Black Carbon Burner

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Khaled Abu Ghazaleh
Osama Halawah
Fadi Khoury
Nader Shuqo
Ammar Abu Rabie
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Abstract of Black Carbon:The disposal of waste tire is increasing day by day at exponential rate which can be considered as an environmental serious problem. One of the innovative economical and environmental techniques to solve this  problem is to reprocess thermally the tires into valuable products in the form of activated carbon and other solid carbon forms  such carbon black, graphite, and carbon fibers in addition to  liquid fuels and then using these products effectively in different industrial situations. One of the main thermal processes is the process of pyrolysis at which the wasted tires can be converted into gas, oil or solid products. For instance, solid product can be used as carbon black with applying of some quality improvements, especially the removal of ash and sulphur contents. The presence of high ash content in the different products limits the application of this process. The carbon black obtained from pyrolysis of waste tire contains some unnecessary metal content. In order to get a maximum advantage of activated carbon, we need to separate the metal content previously before using. Coal is considered as one of the sources of the renewable energy. Since recently the word is heading toward the alternative energy sources instead of Gasoline or Diesel as source of fuel, in addition the coal has high caloric value, consequently it has high efficiency.A coal burner (or pulverized coal burner) which is a mechanical device that has the ability to burn coal (also known as powdered coal or coal dust since it is as fine as face powder in cosmetic makeup) and convert it into an efficient controlled flame. Coal burner is mainly composed of combustion machine control system, ignition system, the crater and others. The mechanism in the worksite is consisting of a coal burner which works with coal hopper. The coal in the hopper is conveyed to the burner by screw conveyor. The pulverized coal is mixed with air (High-speed air flow is generated by the draft fan on the coal burner), and then it is ignited by the oil burning igniter.