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Mohammad Abu Tame
Alaa Dwikat
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Robot Arm is one of the most manufactures around the world. Every type of manufactured arm has a special purpose task to do, due to the environment that operates the arm.Our Arm project, aims to give ability for human to control an arm robot that end with a gripper by wearing a glove in the hand, this glove will be connected wirelessly with the controller of the arm. Then, due to some defined movement we have developed during project, it was able to pick up objects from a box.In this project we have used a controller, couples of motors and a set of sensors to detect moves in the glove. We also built the main structure of the arm robot. For the wireless connection between glove and arm robot, we have built the sender/receiver circuit.RoboArm has various applications, our project can be used in practical environment such as chemical Lab where the human interact with materials and objects may be dangerous.