Drug Addiction in Jerusalem & Suggestions to Limit its Prevalence

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Mohammad Omran
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This study aims at diagnosing drug addiction and addicts in Jerusalem during and its prevalence among Palestinian youth. Effects of drugs and its negative impact; addicts perceptions of themselves and consequent remedy and degree of its isomorphic results were also delineated, their appalling set of values were also laconically investigated. A stratified Sample of 230 addicts have been used as a sample of the study to see into the scope of independent variables such as age, sex, social status, income, residence, parents’ education, and finally religion and then relation to addiction. To particularize measuring the range of relationship among these variables in relation to addiction, a valid and reliable (test-retest 0.89) instrument was designed accordingly with a trustee validity of (0.93). Descriptive statistics were also approbated to see into classification and analysis of the data collected. The study revealed that the majority of addicts are single adults of 22 years of age living in the city. Deviance in their behavior, low self-morale, hampered perception of self, extricated vision of solution to addiction, and a consequent inconsonance in peoples’ perception to addicts were the major products of this study. The study also furnished a description for the mechanisms of drugs prevalence in addition to recommendations that are highly correlated to drug addiction.