Thermal Conductivity For Construction Materials

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Tamer Fayez Mansour
Osaid Mohammed Omar
Mohammed Nazmi Odeh
Amer Sulaiman Daraghmeh
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The importance of this project because its the first project that calculate the truth value of Thermal Conductivity (k) of construction materials in Palestine, that used in HVAC design for building, and have many scientific application in Thermo Dynamic, Heat Transfer , Fluid Mechanics and other courses in Engineering Faculty Departments.Objectives of this Project:1. Build the Heat Conduction Unit that used to calculate the Thermal Conductivity (k) which will be More Sophisticated, Flexibility, Effectively than the one used in the Heat Transfer Lab, to replace the old one.2. Determine the Thermal Conductivity (k) for construction materials that used in Palestine buildings.3. Select the perfect materials that can be used in insulation buildings to save the energy, and be more safety and friendly for the environment without forget the strength of the building, to reach the Saving Energy House (Green House).4. Write ((energy-saving building Code in Palestine)), to substitute the (ASHARE) code that used in USA, Canada and we use it in Palestine.  Unfortunately, we use the American Code in our country, so we are hoping to find the first steps to make Palestinian Code that will be available to use in future, for HVAC Design, and Scientific Application.