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A Reader's Forum is what we can call an evolved book club. It is a place where people can meet and interact, finding others who are of the same mindset. They can choose to read in private, study or discuss books and ideas about life over a cup of coffee. The form is made up of a long, translucent glass structure, allowing the user to see the natural setting in which the building is placed, thus broadening the user's perspective and creating the feeling that the building is endless. The rest of the structure branches out perpendicular to this long glass axe, creating outdoor courts and interactive spaces for reading and conversing. The branches consist of a series of protruding rooms, oriented towards the best view and allowing users a sense of privacy if they were to choose to discuss things as a separate group. The contrast between the fine-faced concrete material, glass and brushed, black steel, paired with the elegant proportions of the structure speak a simple language. This language is comprehensive to the reader who will understand it in his unique perception of textures, lighting and clearly recognizable shapes, such as the rectangle. Such a shape is repeated in the design, both internally and externally, providing a sense of security. This allows the user to feel safe enough to explore the contents of his mind and the minds of his peers alike.