Analysis And Design Foundation of AL Eyman Building-Jenin

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Mohammad Sameer Soqy
Mohammad Khalid Ateeq
Nour Al Deen Naser Omar
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9 Chapter one: Footing Design 1.1 Introduction In our graduation project one we use ETABs program to analysis of foundation loads. and now we will use CSI SAFE PROGRAM to design the footing: 1. SINGLE FOOTING 2. MAT FOOTING But before that we should description the building and the site where it is located: 1- The building is a residential building with 7 stories all of them is above the ground level (see figure 1.1) 2- The height of the building is 22.4 meters including 7 stories. 3- The area of the plan for each floor is 342 m2, the total area of whole structure 2254m2 4- The building is designed to be a residential building, where each floor contains two apartments. 5- Jenin is a city in the north west bank, (see figure 1.2) north of Jerusalem approximately 75KM with a population 70000, Jenin overlooks the Jordan Valley to the east and Marj Ibn Amer to the north.