Metal Detector Robotic Vehicle

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Azzam, Rimaa
Rasheed, Duha
Mehyar, Alaa
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The metal detector robot is used to search for metals under the ground; this is useful for metal detection in places where human being can’t reach easily Here in this project An automatic robot was designed, which is capable of detecting metal and taking from their locations, The robot will travel in a straight line path, tow DC geared motor (24 V, 2 A) are used for controlling the movement of robot, h-bridge also used in this robot to control the direction of DC motors, pulse with modulation (PWM) can be control the speed of motor through changing the input frequency on PWM We used Ultrasonic Sensors automatically senses the presence of a obstacle in its path and deviates its path or stops its journey. The obstacle detection mechanism is managed by a ultrasonic sensor which makes uses of ultrasonic waves to find theك8 presence of a obstacle in its path. Metal detector circuit is designed to detect metals, if there are metal robot beeps and stop motion