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Technology drives our evolution it is Humanity's future, the last 200 years proved that, back in the day before the industrial era humans evolved slowly, Thousands of Years could go by and do still see barely any progress, the same tools the same houses the same agriculture the same architecture, during the industrial era and the years after humans evolved significantly, it was technology that drove that evolution, One of the top contributors to our evolution is computers, and in recent years virtual reality, the idea to be fully immersed in a new reality. Art has always been a big part of humanity, ever since the cavemen they used to express themselves on the side walls of the caves, to this day we can still find those cavemen paintings, we as humans want to express our creative self no matter the means of how to do it, be it on paper, canvases, or even buildings, expressing a world digitally is only another way to add to that, some argue including myself that it is one of the best ways to fully immerse ourselves in our creations, the ability to fully make a reality that is so close to real life or even so different and then be able to experience it, Is very appealing to us. The new technologies of extended realities make that idea possible; we can easily trick our brains into thinking that we are in a different place or reality by taking over our senses, most notably our sense of sight and sound.