Solar Energy System

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Ahmad Masri
Mohammad Kukhun
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The paucity of fossil fuels, their high costs, and their accelerated rates of pollution have led to a surge in the usage of renewable energy sources over the last few years. One of the main sources of renewable energy is the sun. Many nations have constructed sizable solar power plants to harness the sun's energy for lighting homes and factories. Solar Energy System (SES) tracks the sun's path along two axes to obtain the most sun light possible, hence maximizing the effectiveness of the solar power system. Two modes will be included in SES: sun tracker, and sun locater. In sun tracker mode, the sun will be followed by detecting its light to absorb as much light as possible. In sun locater mode, the sun will be tracked using calculations that take location (longitude and latitude), the date, and the current time into account. There will be a mobile application incorporated to track the system and keep the system owner fully informed of it