Assessing the Impact of Green Marketing Practices on Organizational Sustainable Performance in Palestinian Food Industries

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بريك, الآء الطاف
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An-Najah National University
Although literatures tackling GM and its impacts on the firm’s performance are voluminous and diverse, there is a scarcity of research exploring the effects of Greening marketing components the 4P’s on the three pillars of sustainable performance, particularly in the developing countries context. The contribution of this study is threefold, first, assessing the level of implementing GM practices in the emerging developing countries, evidence from Palestinian food industrial, Second, modeling and empirically testing the impact of greening each marketing mix elements “4P’s” (Green Product, Green Price, Green Promotion and Green Place) on the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) of sustainable performance (Economic Performance “Ecp”, Environmental Performance “EP” and Social Performance “SP”), third, another relevant contribution emerged from this study is assessing the impact of wielding Green Marketing Strategy (GMS) on the firm’s three pillars of sustainable performance. To this end, a quantitative research approach was employed, a survey strategy was deployed, and the needed data were collected through a questionnaire sent to the targeted firms. The Palestinian manufacturing sectors are considered the main contributor to environmental pollution; therefore, the Food industry sector which is considered one of the largest manufacturing sectors in Palestine was the selected population for this study. Questionnaires were sent via email or personally administered to the 53 targeted population, and 47 respondents were received, the collected quantitative data were analyzed using the partial least squares structural equation modeling (SEM-PLS). The analysis results imply that the Palestinian food firm’s implementation of GMS is modest, unstructured and most firms taking quasi-marketing strategies by wielding lean or defensive approaches in their marketing strategies. Furthermore, the findings indicated that even with the significant positive impact of GMS on three pillars of sustainability (EcP, EP, and SP), greening each marketing mix elements have a different outcome on the (3BL) of sustainability performance. Whereas both Green Product and Green Place contribute to enhancing the firm’s environmental performance, Only Green Promotion fostering the firm’s economic performance, meanwhile, the firm’s social performance is significantly and positively correlated with the green place element. In the same vein, Green Price exerted no significant effect on the firm’s sustainability dimensions, confirming the unfamiliarity of the concept within the Palestinian manufacturing firms.