Assessment of the Master Planning Practices in the Palestinian Rural Areas under the Israeli Occupation in the West Bank

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منصور, ريما جهاد سعود
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An-Najah National University
This study deals with the planning process in the Palestinian areas under Israeli occupation or the so-called Area(C), as well as the importance of these areas as the extension of the Palestinian rural land. The objectives of this study are: analyzing the process of rural planning in Area (C), assessing and analyzing the master plan practices in the Palestinian rural areas under the Israeli Occupation in the West Bank, examining the criteria and objectives accredited by the international and regional planning, including: economic, social and environmental objectives and enhancing the value of the Palestinian rural areas. Three Palestinian villages from the Palestinian rural area in Area (C) were reviewed and analyzed as cases of study. Each case has been studied separately. The researcher tried to study how much of the master plans with the criteria of rural planning have been achieved. This is also an attempt to address the weaknesses and strengths of the structural planning practices in the Palestinian rural areas in Area (C). The study follows the analytical descriptive method, which is concerned with collecting the facts and analyzing particular aspects of the study. The researcher has also used both the quantitative and qualitative descriptive methods since they are relevant to the purpose of the study. The study shows the uniqueness of the Palestinian situation in the planning of the Palestinian rural areas under the Israeli occupation in Area (C) and the planning mechanism, procedures and obstacles together with the assessment of the whole process based on the international situation in rural planning (England) as well as the regional situation (Saudi Arabia). The study proposed certain guidelines together with the respective requirements and limitations in areas under occupation in Area (C). The study recommended to prepare a planning guide for all Palestinian rural areas in general and another one for Palestinian rural areas under the control of the Israeli occupation in particular, and also recommended to start developing regional plans to link the Palestinian rural areas in an integrated manner. The Palestinian rural areas should be studied and researched more and also the local and international efforts should be consolidated to preserve these areas and protect them from confiscation and depletion.