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Palestine Leisure Center Palestine Leisure Center is a project proposed by the Ministry of Local Government, the Jenin City department, and it is a center that forms the economic Facade of Palestine, which works to enhance the role of entertainment and tourism in the state, and to highlight the importance of these projects and their examples in achieving many benefits for the state itself in terms of aspects. Economic and tourism, as well as the benefit of the people of the country from the operation of youth energies, whether during the implementation of the project or even its working. First of all, the name of Palestine Leisure Center is an uncommon name compared to the entertainment and recreational centers which are spread in the world in general, due to the difference in the implicit concept of the word, so that in such projects all age groups are targeted, such as children, women, youth and even the elderly. It is unnecessary for a person to have any recreational tendencies or talents in order to enjoy in the center, it is enough just to be present in the gardens and squares and sit in it to feel comfortable and happy, unlike the rest of the centers and parks that target talented people or who have a specific desire or inclination to practice any activity that exists within this project with this It targets all age groups of both genders. The site was chosen on the main road between the cities of Jenin and Nablus, so that the site targets many different groups, specifically the northern cities that lack similar projects, whether in the lands of the West Bank or in the 1948 occupied territories. The idea in this project depends on two main points, namely the nature of the site chosen by the Ministry of Local Government, Jenin Department, and also on the architectural philosophy used in designing similar projects, so that the visitor should feel that he is in a garden, playgrounds and green squares instead of being a single building on the plot. Based on the foregoing, the proposed project is located in the lands belonging to the city of Jenin, which is known for its agricultural plains and the fertility of its lands. And providing a permanent view of the project on the agricultural plains of Palestine filled with olive trees, the global symbol of Palestine. As for taking into account the architectural philosophy in the design of recreational centers, the building was built on a land with a high slope, and thus the building blocks were merged with the land and creating green spaces and yards for certain activities within the steep slope area. In the plain areas, playgrounds and sports activities that need the presence of flat areas were provided. The building consists of three main blocks starting from the upper level with the first block that depends on the provision of social functions and is linked by vertical movement, external yards and slopes with the middle second block that contains the spaces and recreational functions that form the heart and foundation of the project, and the third block is the block with sports activities for its proximity to Low and semi-flat level in the ground to be connected directly with the outdoor sports fields. Prayer places, a medical clinic, outdoor and indoor kiosks, family seating areas, as well as special ramps for bicycles and children, indoor and outdoor ski games alike, and many different activities described in detail in the architectural drawings