Wireless weather station

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Abdulmjeed nader
Imad Jmal Mohamed Rabayaa
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The personal weather station market is booming. Advances in manufacturing and electronics have put professional-grade weather data collection tools within reach of amateur weather enthusiasts. Many enthusiasts freely publish their collected weather data on the Internet. Professional meteorologists use the data collected by the amateur weather enthusiasts to tune regional forecasts. Sometimes enthusiasts provide the only weather data for a remote town or region.       Current offerings in the marketplace do not offer an integrated solution to weather data collection. Consumers must choose hardware from one manufacturer and then make sure that a software package exists that will support their station hardware. This situation is confusing and expensive for the consumer. Low-cost weather station hardware is usually not calibrated, but offers reasonable accuracy. High-cost weather station hardware can usually be calibrated and often features adjustable calibration. Wireless sensor packs are also popular because of the easy installation they offer the consumer. However, the sensor packs often require frequent maintenance.     The weather station  will provide a reasonably priced hardware solution (less than 400 $ US) with integrated data logging software for the consumer. The battery life for the weather stations wireless pack will be about three years, and the sensors will feature adjustable calibration. The wireless sensor pack will be easy for the consumer to install because it requires no wires to function. The indoor portion of the weather station will feature an LCD for easy access to current conditions and a PC-link to upload information to the consumers personal computer or laptop. The data, once uploaded, will be available for the life of the weather station and beyond. Low-costs and high-accuracy will be achieved by lowering component count wherever possible. Careful elimination of discrete resistor and operational amplifier networks with software will have a favorable impact on overall product cost and accuracy