Analysis And Future Design Of Balata Camp Water Network

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Masa Haj Hamad
Dana Tbeleh
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     PROJECT'S ABSTRACT The aim of the project is to analyze Balata refugee camp water  network and modify or redesign the network to meet the requirements for the next 30 years. This will be done using the EPANET software. The final outcome of the project will be a full design of a water network that will meet the future requirement.    PROJECT TAKS To achieve the above objective the project will includes, the following tasks : Select the study area (  Balata refugee camp ). population not less than 5,000 capita.Collect data regarding the study area. This include : Topographic mapWater network mapPopulation and their distribution Data regarding the water network ( type, age, problems, .)Data regarding water sources in the area General data such as meteorological data, socio economic data, topography Develop a questionnaire to collect further data regarding the study area. The questionnaire should include questions to measure the per capita water consumption, the performance of the network, the income, the losses in the networkAnalysis the outcome of the questionnaire and reach some conclusions regarding the water supply service in the area. It is expected that some graphical analysis to be also conducted in this regard.Work on the maps and the collected data to develop the data needed for the EPANET program.Develop the input file for the existing conditions water supply network.Run the model for the existing conditions ( both steady and unsteady runs ) and develop some conclusions regarding the existing network.Develop the future water requirement based on agreed upon assumptions and demand patterns.Develop the input file for future conditions. 10. Run EPANET and reach to final design. 11. For the final design, it is expected that BOQ will be developed and some financial analysis regarding different design options are to be conducted.