TULKARM Sport Center

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Naji, Raghad
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This sport center is set in one of the most live places in Tulkarm city, and is fully supplied with all infrastructural services, and the sports center was a response to the lack of the open spaces, activity areas & interactive areas in the surrounding urban fabric which varies from high population density in the camps into neutral population density The concept was to create an area that helps youth in particular and the other ages in general to improve their abilities and help build a better mind through a better body, by that the design aimed to create an opposite image of the compacted structure in the camps and show an image of flexibility and openness which provides a better comfortable impression of the center before entering it, by that the opened areas at the entrance could perform as a public open space for the people in public. The form of the design was aiming to hold less massing and build more connection in its reflect able image, so two main masses grew over one massive platform that the top of it functioned as an interactive area for different attendance to the center, entered by a double ramp centered above the main entrance of the center at the shape of a running track. As for the landscape many play fields and courts were sit in proper directions and surrounded be different kinds of trees with varied heights to provide shade and create a comfortable atmosphere in this highly humid city.