The Participant Motivation in Competitive Physical Education Programs for An-Najah ‎National University Students

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Bader Dweekat
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This study physical was aimed at investigating the participant motivation in competitive physical education programs for An-Najah Natinal university students. Sample of the study was consisted of (127) participants in Colleges tournament, they were choosen randomly. Gill questionnaire was used to measure the participats motivation, this questionnaire was consisted of four domains; (social, personal, activity teaching, and psychology domain). These domains were consisted of (30) items. Results revealed that the level of parti cipant motivation in the programs for all domains were very important, and the percentage was (85.4%). The motivation rank order for domains was as follow; the activity (86.6%), social (85.2%), personal (84.8). The results also revealed that there was significant no difference in accordance with game variable in all domains. Furthermore, the results pointed out that there ware significant no differences at according to the experience variable for the social, personal, activity teaches domains, while there was differences on the psychological domain in favor of the students of less than five years experience. Based an the study findings the researches recommended to the importance of directing students motivation, and to conduct more studies for other Palestinian universities.