Automated pharmacy

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Aseel Majed Nassar
Manar Hasan Ramadan
Ola Hazem Al-Aghber
Rudina Maher Dwikat
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Automated storage and retrieval system is the project connect  mechanical , electrical , and control systems , to perform many tasks such as storage and retrieval operations and control the inputs and outputs , it can be used in  workplaces , pharmacies wherhuosies , storage places , and it can be used in the supermarkets .The project constructed using four chrome rods and the aluminum plate which moving horizontally on these rods by bearings at the edges and acme thread in the middle, this plat carry the vertical rail and the rail of the gripper, all these motion created by 4 stepper motors, the steps and direction are controlled by Arduino controller, the project uses ac/dc switching charger power supply and drivers for protection and connection between the power supply and Arduino. The project also contains barcode reader to infer the appropriate location of the drug in the process of storage and retrieval,and the shelves which Contains two holes, hole in the top and hole in the bottom use the slot upper for storage system where they are dropping from it.The purpose of our project is to save the time , space ,  increase the income of the pharmacy ,  reduce the errors during distracting , and give the pharmacies more time for checking the medicine before giving it to the customer .but it need high initial cost to perform , and increase the unemployment in the society.