Deep Excavations Safety and Bracing System

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Alaa Imad Abbadi
Anan Yousef Abbadi
Ibrahim Fathi Abushamleh
Mohammad Mousa Sawafta
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The First Chapter in this project includes: safety in civil engineering projects, safety in excavation and excavation support system.             Chapter Two talks about safety in civil engineering projects which includes safety in: excavation, confined spaces, concrete structure above the ground, rebar safety, heavy construction equipment and electrical safety.             Safety in excavation that includes but not limited to: hazards of excavations, causes of cave-ins, pre-job planning, underground services and excavation support system are presented in Chapter Three.             Chapter Four summarizes the main aspects of sheet piles. It talks about definition of sheet piles, installations and construction, types of sheet piles and general design of sheet piles.             Three sites with deep excavations have been selected and sheet piles were designed for these sites and this is presented in Chapter Five. The type of sheet pile used in this project is sheet pile consisting of row of bored cast in-situ piles. Software called SW911 was used to design the sheet pile. Chapter Six presents slope stability analysis of the excavations in the three sites which were selected in this project. The analysis was done using software called GeoStudio Slope/w. Recommendations and conclusions are discussed in Chapter Seven.
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