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Project Proposal: [Fashion Couture] Background The main idea of the project is to create a building that gather several aspects related to fashion. Since we have boutiques and shops that sell clothes but at the same time we don’t have a proper space that can create and sew these clothes. So a “Fashion Couture” is needed in Palestine. Objectives  The importance of the project: A new taste would be added in Palestine. Since this type of project is totally unique. I’ve noticed that the business market is going in a direction that flows with makeup, fashion, designing and events planning but there’s no one place that can put them all under one umbrella.  The reason of selection: When you start thinking about what you really want to work on in a graduation project, you should truly study all of your senses and what attracts you the most in order to spend hours reading about without even feeling bored. So, I found myself highly interested in such a field and absolutely eager to learn more about it.  Users: Designers, trailers, business runners and event planners.  Functions: Clothing shops, runways, brainstorming section, sketching section, fitting rooms and preparation rooms. Timeframe Description of Work Start and End Dates Phase One …case studies … Phase Two …site selection and functional research … Phase Three …Designing … Monitoring and Evaluation Everything will be taken in consideration under the supervision of Dr. Eman Amad and her approval. Student name: Maysoon Eisawi