Twisted offices tower

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Abdelrahman Ammar
Ahmad Shoman
Mohammad Kassab
Fakher Fawzy
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Recently the number of offices in local and international companies has increased, so there is a need to provide separate buildings for these offices to accommodate the large number of them, and also to help customers access easily to these offices In addition, non-traditional buildings design has been the focus of world attention. Because it will be a key factor that puts the world's cities on the tourist map or a map of developed countries, therefore, our project is a twisted tower for offices. In our project we will working on exploiting all possible resources in order to reduce the cost of construction and operation, that is to say that the building will be designed thermally and will be eco friendly. The designs' aim is to create an environment that is both quiet and suitable for offices and the nature of their work. The vertical construction of the building creates a lot of obstacles during the process of designing .One of these obstacles is the concentration of the sun on the large areas of glass in the building and it's location, another reason is the force of the wind against the building ,and also the power of earthquakes that surrounds it, under those circumstances we will design the building so that it will overcome these challenges and we will make sure that every problem has a solution. Thus, this project will go through two phases. First one , researchers which should be conducted on previous projects, and analyzing some case studies to eliminate any possible mistakes which may appear during design phase by conducting SWOT analysis. During this phase field searching for international twisted towers in Arabian and European countries is very important to find out the problems that appear within design. Secondly, design phase will start based on the data gained from the first stage. In this phase different aspects should be considered to be designed such as Architectural and Environmental aspects, Structural aspects, Mechanical aspects, and Electrical aspects. There's many software that will be used in design phase for Architectural and Environmental aspects, such as AutoCAD that used to draw 2D plans, Revite used to set 3D model, Dialux & Ecotect used for lighting and acoustics design, and for Structural aspects SAP & E-Taps program will be use. This project has been done internationality before, but no similar applications available in Palestine.    
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