Differences in Learning Motivation Based on Self-Determination Theory of Students in Educational Sciences Faculties at the Jordanian Universities

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Mohammad Nofal
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The current study aimed to investigate the differences in the learning motivation based on self-determination theory of students in educational sciences faculties at Jordanian universities, to achieve this goal, a scale of learning motivation based on self-determination theory was applied, to a random sample of (803) students, (292) males and (511) females. results showed that level of internal motivation to learn based on self-determination theory was medium in general, and it was significant on each of two subscales: the effort and importance, and the value and interest, it was medium on the rest subscales. It appeared that there were significant differences between males and females on the third subscale (effort and importance), and on the seventh subscale (relation), in favor of females, while no significant differences were found on the rest subscales and the overall scale. The study showed statistically significant effect of the academic level on every subscale and on the overall scale. Statistically significant correlation was found between the average, and all of the following subscales: the first (pleasure and interest), second (perceived competence), third (importance and effort), and seventh (the relationship) and the overall scale.